Fair Play

As a responsible fan club, Red Dragons London have a set of rules all members have to abide by. Nothing dramatic, just ten simple golden rules allowing all members to enjoy themselves while being responsible representatives of FC Bayern München – for that is what we are.

Our Golden Rules

1. Treat others with respect and don’t be abusive, violent or discriminating. Every member of the Red Dragons is a representative of FC Bayern, and it is our duty to act responsibly at all times. Of course, friendly rivalry is fine… Even with fans of Lüdenscheid Nord!

2. Obey the authorities. This is essential for ensuring that everyone can enjoy themselves in a safe and controlled environment. This means the board, members of staff at the Bavarian Beerhouse, ground stewards and the police. This is essential when “on tour”, where our position as representatives of FCB is even more obvious.

3. We always meet at our usual location at the Bavarian Beerhouse, and members are required to reply to the invitations that will be issued prior to every Stammtisch event. Letting us know whether you will be attending or not will allow us to plan appropriately. Every member is welcome to bring a guest.

4. Facebook and Twitter are excellent places for sharing stories, photographs and links – so please join in! Whether it’s a selfie from the Allianz or a link to a story about the latest new transfer, people will always be interested.

5. Drink responsibly! There is much to be said about watching a football match with like-minded people over a few chilled Biers. However, it is essential that you remain in complete control of your actions. This is even more important when on tour in foreign and unfamiliar locations.

6. Never jeopardise the existence of the club, and the health of fellow members. At away matches, our duty is to watch out for each other as a group, and this cannot be achieved with disruptive elements. If you think a fellow member could be a potential danger, try and take control of the problem as quickly as you can. It sounds obvious, but it is the responsibility of all members to not bring weapons, pyrotechnics or offensive banners into stadia. Official FCB flags or authorised RDL banners and scarves only, please! For certain away games, a “shirt in a bag” policy will apply.

7. Assume your own liability for your wrongdoings. Other members will be there to watch out for you, but this can only go so far.

8. If you order match tickets from the RDL and cannot make it, please do not sell them on your own behalf. This is not only illegal, but is potentially damaging to the fan club and our relationship with FC Bayern. Let us know, and we will be there to help!

9. The Board is the first port of call, and under no circumstance are club matters discussed with FC Bayern. Fan club related issues are to be discussed with the Board only and it is up to the Board to escalate matters to FC Bayern.

10. Have fun and enjoy yourself! The club is naturally the perfect place to meet other supporters of FC Bayern… While some members are new there are also others who have supported the club for a long time with many interesting stories to tell! Mia San Mia!

The club is very strict on the matters above, as any breaches potentially jeopardise our club’s existence and might have a financial impact on the club. Any member disobeying these rules will be warned or removed. As our terms and conditions apply we will hold you personally responsible for your wrongdoings be it personally or financially.

Find our Terms and Conditions here

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