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What is the fan club about?

The Red Dragons London has the purpose to provide supporters of FC Bayern München a home base in London where they can cherish their affection for the team.

What does your fan club do?

The Red Dragons meet at every match at our Stammlokal, the Bavarian Beerhouse. We also organise special events such as parties if the squad is to play on our home turf in London and we aim to visit at least three to five matches per season.

How do I join the Red Dragons?

You pay the application fee of GBP 20 and fill in the online application form here. One of our board members will then contact you to welcome you to the club. Initially you will start as a “Hatchling” (Prospect) and you will need to gather points in the RDL Bonus List by attending the Stammtisch and club events. Once you have gathered fifty points (e.g. membership fee, 2 Stammtisch visits) the board will approve your application and officially welcome you to the club.

What is expected from me when joining the Red Dragons?

We want you to have fun together and enjoy the events whenever FC Bayern is playing. In any case we would expect that you respect our terms and conditions and obey our fair play rules.

Are you the only FC Bayern fan club in London?

No – but the Red Dragons are the biggest, provide the most fun and we have secured the most convenient place to watch the matches. We are also known to many of the other fan clubs and always hook up with friends when on the road.

Can I be removed from the fan club without notice?

Yes. We impose strict rules when you disobey our ticketing policies (selling on tickets, ticket touting, etc.) and when you jeopardise the health and safety of members (starting a quarrel with foreign supporters, etc.) or the existence of the club (bringing pyrotechnics to a game, getting in trouble with police whilst travelling with Red Dragons).

Do you assume any liability?

Yes. For gross negligence but only in the amount of your membership fee. For more details please visit our terms and conditions.

When joining the Red Dragons do I assume any liability?

Yes, any monetary liability imposed by your misbehaviour onto the Red Dragons we will hold you accountable for.

What rights do I have as regular member?

You are always allowed at the Stammtisch and we encourage you to bring forward your ideas. Your membership however does not allow you to impose rules upon us or to enforce how the board should run the club.

What benefits do I have as a member?

There are plenty of benefits which you can find here.


I am not a member – can I buy tickets from you?

Absolutely not. The Red Dragons do not act for or on behalf of individuals who are not registered members of the fan club.

Can I buy tickets for a friend?

No. Tickets are scarce and ticketing is for members only.

Am I guaranteed a ticket when I am a member?

No. Red Dragons is dependent on Bayern’s grace whether we receive tickets or not.

As a regular member can you order tickets for me?

Ticket enquiries at FC Bayern can only be made in a certain period of time and we will inform you about timings for particular matches. Please note that we will only make inquiries when you transfer a certain amount to our PayPal account.

How does ticketing with your fan club work?

If FC Bayern opens the ticketing window for a particular match, we will send an email to you and inform you on our closed Facebook group. If you then decide that you wish to acquire a ticket for this game you will need to transfer a pre-determined amount (“Advance Payment”) prior to Red Dragons putting in a ticket request for you.

Does the transfer of the Advance Payment guarantee me a ticket?

No. Transfer of the Advance Payment will not guarantee you a ticket, but we will make everything possible that you will get a ticket – that entails also requesting tickets on your behalf at other FC Bayern fan clubs. In the event that we are unable to obtain a ticket on your behalf, your Advance Payment will be refunded.

Why do I have to pay in advance given that I don’t have a guarantee that I will get a ticket?

Ticket enquiries at Bayern usually open up long before a match is to take place. Therefore we as fan club cannot take the risk on you letting us know two days before a match that you cannot attend. Imagine the cost we would have to bear when we order twenty tickets and ten of the people let us down. The club is in place to provide fun to members but not to take on unquantifiable financial liability.

If the club has a ticket will I be guaranteed one?

That depends on your rank in the Red Dragons’ Bonus List – or a little bit of luck should you not be top class in our list. Suffice to say, should we have sufficient tickets to satisfy the demand of all members then the answer is yes.

What happens if you do get some tickets but not enough to give tickets to all members?

Tickets will be allocated on an 80/20 basis. This means 80% of all tickets will go to the top Red Dragons on the bonus list and 20% of the tickets will be raffled away amongst the other applicants. In any case we will make everything possible that you will get a ticket – this entails also requesting tickets on your behalf with other FC Bayern fan clubs.

I have made an advance payment and you procured the ticket not via FC Bayern and something went wrong. Can I claim my money back from you?

No. Ticketing through third-party options entails a certain risk for which you cannot make Red Dragons liable.

Do you assume any liability in case something goes wrong, e.g. tickets sent not in time prior to a match?

No. Ticketing is entirely at your risk. We are just a broker and are not responsible for anything that might go wrong on the way.

How does your bonus list work?

The bonus list is a very transparent way to reward members who are committed to the fan club. You get points for attending the Stammtisch, going to matches or being active on our social media platforms. The members with the highest points will be guaranteed a ticket. Also the member with the most points will receive a reward on our pre-season warmup party.

I have acquired a ticket but cannot go! Can I sell the ticket to someone else or give it to a friend?

No. You will have to inform the ticketing agent at Red Dragons that you cannot go. Tickets are registered to the fan club and we ultimately decide what happens to the ticket. Rest assured we will find a solution that is in both interests.

Why is the actual price I pay to the Red Dragons higher than the actual face value of the ticket?

The face value of the ticket is not everything Red Dragons have to pay for. There are Paypal fees, postage and packing costs from FC Bayern, admin fees of the hosting club in the amount of 10% for away matches, exchange rate discrepancies and bank fees. As a general rule we expect the additional fees to be in the amount of GBP 10 to 12.50.

Events and Stammtisch

Can I just show up at the Stammtisch?

No. Prior to any match or fan club event we will send out an email invitation which we ask you to accept. The club itself has to book tables, and requests at the Bavarian Beerhouse will always be made on demand.

Can I bring guests to the Stammtisch?

This will always depend on capacity. In general it will be no problem if you let us know at least four days in advance for a top match and one day in advance for a non-top game.

Are there any rules for bringing guests?

Yes. They will need to respect the members and Bavarian Beerhouse staff. In no circumstances will guests be allowed at the Stammtisch wearing colours of any team other than FC Bayern München.

Are there any rules when travelling together?

Yes. We expect you to never jeopardise the health and safety of fellow fab club members or other travellers. In any case you are not allowed to bring pyrotechnics to the ground and to engage in ticket touting.

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