Red Dragons in the Press

UEFA CL Magazine, 2013
German Link, 2013
Abendzeitung Muenchen, 22.11.2013
Manchester Evening News, 02.10.2013, 19.02.2014
Mittelbayrische Zeitung, 21.02.2014
Schwarz und Weiss / Fussballchef, 21.02.2014
Erfolgsfans, 23.02.2014
Eurosport Russia, 19.04.2014
German Magazine, August 2014
Merkur Online, 31.10.2014
TZ, 01.11.2014

The Red Dragons were also featured in Sport 1 pre-match report for Manchester City game, Sport 1 pre-match report for Manchester United game and in a live radio interview by Radio Regensburg.

The following picture has been featured on ZDF and ARD:


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