The Members

If you need any proof of how well FC Bayern is supported across the world, you don’t need to look much further than the people who make the Red Dragons what it is – our members. One might have thought that we’d just be a bunch of German ex-pats, but among our growing number you’ll find long-established British fans, as well as members from Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, China and the United States.

In this section you will get the chance to meet a few of our members. It is our members who create the unique atmosphere at our Stammtisch, united in spirit and voice as we cheer on FC Bayern to yet another glorious victory!

You can meet a few of us here outside our lair at the Bavarian Beerhouse, where we say how much FC Bayern means to us.

The Red Dragons is growing in popularity and if you like to join our fine circle you can meet us at our Stammtisch. Just send an email and we will book you a seat*. Come along to watch a match over a chilled Weizen or two – Mia san mia!

*Seats are allocated subject to availability and early notice.

You can get to know some of the Red Dragons here, and can also have a meet some of our Stammtisch regulars.

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